Facebook - Cross Borders

Here's how Edisen’s global reach can solve problems. 

The brief was to work with the Facebook Creative team to produce two campaigns to demonstrate how brands could advertise on Facebook.After identifying two businesses and coupling them with the right cross-border experts, partners and solutions, Facebook engaged Edisen to create a documentation process which would include interviews, brainstorm sessions, as well as advice and insights. While the concept of the ads worked well, the creative vision exceeded the budget and number of deliverables needed. And so, we did what we do best; we over delivered on the original scope, far exceeding the expected deliverables thanks to our savvy solutions that maximize budget and content.Facebook loved that we managed against a schedule vs. rounds of revisions. They were so happy with the quality and the outputs they engaged Edisen for subsequent projects, Virtual Training Videos, Webinars and a Diversity PR piece