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Social Media Content Subscription

All your social media ads produced for $15K/month, plus $50 per ad used.


Collect and organize all your assets - with partners, on different cloud storage services or the in-house team. Re:use assets to create new and unique unskippable content and ads.

Content Hub

Collect, organize and store all your assets in one place. Edisen's digital content strategist look at performance data and identify gaps. Edisen's creatives will then fill the gap by producing stills and video at scale. All stored and organized in the content hub for easy access and usability.


Edisen Video Intelligence, analyses your videos and inform changes for optimal performance. The data also give you great insights for upcoming productions, the creatives will know what do to deliver better ROI from start.

In-house overflow

At Edisen, we have a long history of working together with in-house agencies
Edisen is the go to partner for hero productions and serves as an extension of the in-house team with more skills and resources when needed.

Organize Your Assets

Edisen help you organize all your  material and assets in one place. Edisen's cloud platform is a mix of managed service and cloud solution that make sure that you and your organization find what you need instantly.

Marketing Supply Side Management

With Edisen's brief & ordering functionality, you get full control of budgets, what is being produced, what is ordered by whim and what is being used.


Edisen's video-first creation and adaptation functionality in the platform help you automate the production of large volume assets to get the content into market faster and cheaper.