Empower Your
Teams to Craft

Optimize your asset management strategy utilizing AI and machine learning to generate creative adaptations and drive campaign performance.

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A platform built by creatives, for creatives. End to end content transformation, empowering you to Create, Produce, and Enhance stories.

Edisen Platform Features

Functionality designed to save time and resources, while optimizing creative output.

Asset Management

Eliminate the need for multiple platforms to manage your stories, with the ability to integrate into your current tech stack.

AI Powered Productivity Tools

Save precious time and eliminate the hours it can take to find an asset with AI powered content and analysis and personalized meta tagging.

Adaptations & Automated Creation

Easily adapt existing creative and create hundreds or thousands of variations quickly.  What used to take days and weeks, now takes minutes.

Advanced Collaboration

Avoid endless email threads and mistakenly working on outdated versions by annotating and sharing feedback in platform.

Creative Intelligence

Optimize creative to generate an average of 50% performance uplift.  Analyze and re-mix creative in platform, empowering you to optimize creative mid-flight.

Brand Safety

Have more control over your brand assets than ever before, with built-in brand guidelines, permission controls, approval flows, watermarking, and more.

Above all else, the Edisen Platform is YOUR Platform

What you can expect:

Integration into your existing tech stack

Personalized look and feel for your organization

Access to award-winning creative services and support


Start projects with bespoke briefing templates

Keep track of creative development

Customise metatagging to ensure your stories are organised from the start


Keep your team connected with the ongoing production process

Annotate and feedback on live video links with your whole team

Automate mass production of localised video across 49 different parameters

Easily switch elements like headlines or products


Analyse assets and generate metadata from faces, objects, scenes, actions

Automatically remix video with machine learning to improve performance

Simplify editing and new video creation

Reduce human hours by 70-80%

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