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about us

Edisen is in the business of creating, producing, and optimising video content.

Our audience is global, and we entertain them on every imaginable screen from cinemas to mobiles to digital billboards. We serve them everything from blockbuster movies and television series to snackable social media.  

Our mission is to ensure that everything we produce is unskippable. Creating content that cannot be ignored. It’s a bold claim, and we back it up with proprietary optimisation software that improves the effectiveness of content by up to 50%. 

With over 400 of us around the globe, we are the world's biggest independent creative production agency.  

Welcome to Unskippable Content, Welcome to Edisen.

What sets us apart is our unique DNA. We combine our legacy in the world of entertainment - bringing a fresh take on creativity - to marcomms, and combine it with tech solutions that help us deliver on that creativity for brands and broadcasters alike.

We see the world of brands and entertainment as they are – complicated, demanding and bespoke. Which is why we tailor to the need. We mix ideation and production, creativity and tech, thinkers and doers, entertainment and advertising.

We work as one but form different shapes depending on the client and the challenge.

Our unique cloud platform is user friendly and enables you to  manage and create ads in all shapes for all channels. Edisen makes collaboration easy and offer powerful automation technology for content creation.




”Edisen is not a supplier, they are a partner.  Our extended arm, and part of our growth, challenges and constant improvement”


"The IKEA Stories project is considered to be IKEA’s most successful internal communication activity to date and ”the most valuable document in IKEA history."


"Our highly integrated partnership with Edisen represents the ideal collaboration for promotional production at scale. From their sharp and invested leaders through to each Edisen team member, they have become an integral and highly reliable partner for us."