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What if you find yourself wanting to save an ice-cream for 30 days in the middle of dessert without electricity? 

you CryoSure it.

Envirotainer latest product Cryosure, which is a innovative cryogenic casing developed to ship biological products below -70. CryoSure mitigates all of the cryo-chain shipping risks by eliminating both handling, monitoring, short-term storage and quality errors with one solution. A solution as innovative as the cargo it carries. 

Edisen was tasked with creating awareness about the new product and making it a successful launch. The product was new, but so was the category and Envirotainer truly needed to communicate the risk mitigation to a customer that worries about late or corrupted shipments. 

The creative business idea? Demonstrate the unique features of the CryoSure product in a Hollywood-style way. 

We wanted to create an easy to grasp first point of contact to this new product but still obtain a seriousness, but with a twist. 

The mission was to create the easiest and safest dry ice shipping solution that reduces the risks and delivers your most treasured pharma product in perfect condition.

Learn more about the 8 key benefits of the CryoSure® platform and how we put it to the test in our new test lab.