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Cointreau - Margaright

Margarita lovers unite! It's time to MargaRight your summer with Cointreau and Aubrey Plaza. 


Join Aubrey Plaza in celebrating 75 Years of The Original Margarita, because there's only one way to enjoy it—the MargaRight way!


We embarked on a journey to create Cointreau's biggest campaign yet. From the initial idea to the final stages of post-production, we worked tirelessly to bring you a campaign that captures the essence of summer sipping with hilarious videos and stunning photos.


Our talented team at Edisen crafted the campaign to ensure that every aspect resonates with Margarita enthusiasts. We carefully curated the content, incorporating Aubrey Plaza's wit and honesty, as she knows that without Cointreau, it's just MargaWrong! 


Cheers to an unforgettable summer filled with perfectly crafted Margaritas! 


Visit to learn more about Cointreau, the iconic orange liqueur.