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Creating unskippable content doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming.​ Our technology is built on the foundation of helping our clients get better performance and work smarter, not harder.

One thing that we have understood, is that getting everyone to work together and keep track of everything that’s going on, presents a challenge in this industry.

Together with our global clients, we have therefor built a unique cloud-based platform that can:

·  Manage large-scale content production more efficiently through one centralised location
·  Automate content creation
·  Optimize content live in market

“The (Edisen) platform video intelligence and remixing ability is the most comprehensive solution I’ve seen yet.”

Ben Royce
Head of Performance Data Science, Google Global Agency

An End-to-End Production Solution

A cloud-based content platform that acts as the backbone of the creation and production process, with benefits including:

·  Brief, approve, organise, share, and distribute your content
·  Easily manage multiple partners in a single collaborative space
·  Better visibility, transparency, and control
·  Streamlines the approvals and annotations process
·  A curated database of best-in-class partners
· Create versioning and adaptations at scale

AI Search Tool

Edisen features an AI search tool called “Scenes”. It is state-of-the-art functionality based on true AI and machine learning. With this, you never have to tag content manually but can search intuitively. You could type “driving car and drinking coffee” for example, or “woman in red dress”, and it would return all associated content. 

Clever, isn’t it? The AI brain also interprets all texts, so if there is an end frame, subtitles, signs, or product name in the content, you’ll find it using a simple text search.

Automated Content Creation

Our automation technology lets you edit existing footage into new unique content, in 100+ languages and formatted to fit all social media platforms. All in one place, and accessible by everyone involved in the production process: marketing, procurement, agencies, production - no matter where they are in the world. You can use it as self-service ad creation or connect it to your data sources and auto-create unique and personalized content at scale.

Optimize Content – live in market

Edisen Video Intelligence, or EVI, analyses video and identifies top-performing segments, topics and themes. It then utilizes this intelligence to automatically re-edit creative by audience and platform to give you a better ROI from each campaign. 

Once your content is live, our proprietary optimization software can improve the effectiveness of content in-market by up to 50%


Enterprise Content Management

Edisen is proud to be the creator of PitchBlue®, for which we won an Emmy for Technology. It is the most advanced content distribution network and monitoring system in the broadcast industry, delivering over 500,000 air dates per month to 1750 TV stations across North America. Serving media giants such as Viacom CBS, PBS and Sony, among others, broadcasters can confidently distribute live feeds, sports, ads and news – all on one platform. With the PitchBlue solution in our platform, syndication distribution has never been powered so efficiently and reliably.

AI Diversity Analysis

Finally, we have come to a place where diversity is not just whitewashing but accepted as a core business potential. This will both help us create a better world and give brands a better ROI. Our ground-breaking AI video analysis will give a marketeer a report of how the content in all channels worldwide matches against local market demographics to find underserved groups. It will help global streamers to monitor thousands of hours of media to make sure they fit the global audience. 

We all need to take responsibility to improve in this area and help to make our industry a better place. Now we can help you create a business case for it as well.

Digital Human Attention / Neofocus

Our AI technology Neofocus© uses machine learning to predict the areas of attention from your target audience before your assets go into the market.

This way, we can help to optimize creative output pre-flight, to ensure that audiences pay attention to what we want them to - in every single ad. This will give you a better ROI on your next campaign spending.