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"You are a creative business, so why tech?"

At Edisen, we're about solving challenges.

Whether that's finding a new path to a client's creative, or building distribution solutions for broadcasters, it's about taking our blend of tech and creativity which allows us to identify client challenges and create the solutions for them.

That's why we're building what we like to call "the platform to rule them all".

The Edisen Platform

It began as an asset management tool. Big deal, you think, everyone has one.

Not like this. It's designed as a collaborative space between us and our clients, with improved organisational and access tools, and some clever touches, such as sophisticated share and AI-enhanced "scene search" functionality.

It's evolving constantly, into an end-to-end solution for content origination and distribution.

We go right upstream to the client brief, bringing in our teams and any required partners into a collaboration space through the production process, and manage work-in-progress using approval tools with clear annotation and feedback functions.

Automated Content Creation

Our automation technology lets you edit existing footage into new unique content, in 100+ languages and formatted to fit all social media platforms.

All in one place, and accessible by everyone involved in the production process: marketing, procurement, agencies, production - no matter where they are in the world. Edisen's top designers and channel experts set you up with amazing looking templates for your social media ads that you and your partners can use to automate production at scale.

You can use it as self-service ad creation or connect it to your data sources and auto-create unique and personalized content at scale.

Introducing EVI

Edisen Video Intelligence, or EVI, is your tool to optimise your content's performance, even live in-market.

EVI, analyses video and identifies top-performing segments, topics and themes. It then utilizes this intelligence to automatically re-edit creative by audience and platform to give you a better ROI from each campaign. 

From movie trailers to branded content, EVI has been shown to improve the effectiveness of content in-market by up to 50%.