Data-driven Creativity - This Is How You Do It

How do you create creative material that is available for a long time? Which is activated automatically based on customer needs and behaviour? - For the first time ever, we are in a situation where technology allows us to run creative campaigns with data in a simple way, says Magnus Widgren, Head of Growth at Edisen.

Magnus Widgren gets the same questions from his customers as all marketers: How can we sell more? How do we get more loyal customers who come back again and again? How do we make our customers want to shop with us? He believes that the answer is here and now - and that it is about relevance and understanding the present.

- We live in a special time. Never in history have we humans been more negative about marketing and advertising. At the same time, we are constantly looking for entertainment for the moment. This means that we must be more relevant and interesting in the regular communication with our customers once we meet them. For example, at the time of the transaction.

Easy overprice and quality

When it comes to the transaction, the customer has a lot of questions that should be answered as soon as possible - what should I pay, when should I pay and how should I pay? The marketer often misses that the transaction is "The magic moment" for the customer. That's when it just has to work.

- We must therefore become better at using the transaction, says Magnus Widgren and highlights a quote from Dr Nicola Millard, future researcher at British Telecom.

She says; "the easier it is to interact with your brand, the more loyal customers you get." That's an important key. The customer always chooses easily over price and quality, even if it costs more.

Today, customers leave a lot of traces behind, for example when buying or an almost completed purchase. It is simply a matter of activating all this data directly - and connecting it to communication.

- If you have a database with knowledge of the customer - use it for God's sake, you can go from transaction to relationship, says Magnus Widgren.


Data-driven creativity

Simply explained, automated data-driven creativity works in such a way that a selection of the content is made by testing against different target groups in different channels. With the help of artificial intelligence, each creative device gets a rating between 0 and 100. Then the content is versioned based on the insights from this data and unique content is created completely automatically.

- Those who produce content must think in a different way. It is no longer a final product to be produced and then versioned. Instead, they have to think through what the customer wants to achieve and develop the right components - for everyone everywhere, Magnus Widgren explains. It will also be easier to get the brand to communicate consistently in different markets. It is possible to build together local messages, but still be "on brand".


Modular content

Magnus Widgren talks about completely modular content instead of a one size fits all campaign. Traditional segmentation becomes completely obsolete when we can look at and use real-time data from consumers.

- This is exciting no matter what. For example, we can directly see what happens if we replace a certain type of content.

He talks about a case they have for an internationally renowned beverage brand right now. There, they have entered moving material from the last two years into Edisen's platform.

- We now have 50 different scenes where each scene has a unique purpose. Our AI automatically cuts together different versions of the material and then we test this on YouTube against different target groups. If we see that something works well in Spain, then we test in Mexico as well. And so on.


Full control of assets and budget

What Magnus Widgren likes most about working in this way is the idea of sustainability. Normally, you go to your agency and buy a promotion, which certainly delivers well. But usually only once. It is difficult to reuse ready-made ideas and deliveries.

- Now we can instead activate a 360 solution that activates campaigns in all possible channels, as long as the material is relevant. You always have full control of your material, what rights apply and when you need to buy new and how much, he states.