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Can you truly say you have full control and knowledge of what, where and how your creative assets are being used for and it performs? 

What if you could develop, manufacture, store, organize, and optimize content on a large scale? What if you could reuse material that works, remove stuff that doesn't, and add fresh unskippable content where it's needed?

We now have the technology to develop and automatically re:create content based on the behaviours of the target audience.

You already have numerous hours of video source material but have only used a small portion of it.

Continue to add to your Content Hub and employ unique technology to give data-driven insights on the current success of your assets, which will then lead your content strategy, mapping out content needs, gaps, and possibilities. Because the data informs you what your target audience wants to see, where, and how frequently, you can be confident that the money you spend on new assets will resonate and engage them.

As a result, begin gradually saving future assets from all marketplaces and providers. You will have a robust Content Hub at your disposal for the entire organization as well as your partners and other stakeholders to use. Make data-driven re:creation a reality! You have the tech. Now get the method right. Start creating in a way that content can be measured, stored, optimized and reused.

Our Platform: Edisen

The platform is extremely user friendly and enables you to  manage and create ads in all shapes for all channels. Edisen makes collaboration easy and offer powerful automation technology for content creation.
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